A downloadable SCR for Windows and Linux

SCR is a free and open source top-down shooter inspired by games such as Tyrian and Raptor. Blast Your way through two challenging nine-level episodes.

Current version: 0.7.4 
Created by Aleksander Wróbel and Pawel Olszewski.
"BIGOS Entertainment" is an informal group name for the creators.

Install instructions

Unpack the archive and use "run.sh" to execute the application.

SCR can be used with several parameters allowing the user to change more game settings. Feel free to experiment by running ./run.sh -h for information on how You can use them. 

If You are compiling the code Yourself make sure that headers for SDL, SDL Mixer, SDL TTF and SDL Image are installed on Your operating system.


Linux 64-bit 56 MB
Source 55 MB
Windows 32-bit 61 MB

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